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Soil Consultants Engineering
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Geotechnical engineering, material observations and testing, and inspections. They serve commercial and residential clients in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Manassas, VA

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Soil Consultants Engineering (SCE) was looking for a software solution that would help them meet the 24- or 48-hour turnaround times demanded by county jurisdictions. With their workflow combination of paper-based data collection and disparate software systems, SCE found it almost impossible to keep up with that kind of demand. While they were falling behind, their competitors were able to provide the information and meet the required response times.


An inspector or technician, using MetaField’s mobile-enabled technology, can log their data while they are on site. That data then goes to the lab and to the office where project managers can see everything in real time. With MetaField’s connection between the lab and field, SCE can easily upload proctors or classifications, for example, and the field technicians can see it right away.


SCE has found that they’ve been able to improve the accuracy of their client billing because they know where their field techs and project managers are spending their time. Also, SCE can send data to their clients immediately to get them information they need when they need it. Instead of waiting because a field tech must go back to the office to type up the information and email it, the tech can send it right from the field. It is a great benefit for their clients, which is a big bonus for SCE.