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Strata, Inc.
Case Study

Services Offered

Geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing and inspection.

Boise, ID


Strata, Inc. wanted to build more efficiency and consistency across their offices into their field reporting processes. They developed their own in-house electronic data reporting system, but needed a solution that would help them expand their capabilities. They also wanted to be able to configure a system the way they wanted to use it and not be locked into a format that everybody else was using.


MetaField’s powerful configurability allows Strata to use it not only for field data collection and reporting, but also for storing information such as safety records, training records, and lab accreditations. With the platform’s ease of use and scalability, Strata can scale up their number of users during the busy times and scale back down when the construction season ends.


Strata uses MetaField to help them up their game with their safety program. They were able to put together “near miss” incident reports that were consistent, easy to create, and easy to access in MetaField’s data repository. They have found the ability to use MetaField for their safety program has been a real differentiator. In addition to safety, Strata has used MetaField as a repository for their laboratory accreditation activities. This has been helpful for the lab techs to share information and see each other’s reports and internal audits.