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Tri State Materials Testing Labs
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Inspection, testing and engineering firm that offers a wide range of inspection and testing service including concrete, reinforcing bars, masonry, asphalt, soil, structural steel and fireproofing.

Berlin, CT

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Tri State has seen a significant increase in the number of new projects. Their challenge was to find a software solution that would help them to effectively scale their operations and to sustain their rapid growth. They were looking to improve in four target areas: scheduling, reporting, invoicing and quality control. Overall, Tri State was looking for a solution that would align with their digital transformation strategy.


Tri State does about 100 different types of inspections and uses more than 55 different inspection forms. MetaField’s Do-It-Yourself forms engine allows Tri State to easily customize the inspection forms they need for their field staff. In MetaField’s dashboard, project managers can easily see the reports that are coming in from the field. This view enables the project manager to have more control over the reports that are sent out to clients.


Tri State has been able to completely automate logging in their inspection reports—generating a report number, filing it into the correct folder, etc. They also have decreased the time from when an inspector fills out a report to the time a client receives it by 75%. Before it would take anywhere from a week to 30 days to get out a report. The positive response from their clients has been a big win.