MetaField works the way your business operates. That’s because it’s designed by professionals who grew up in the construction engineering industry. Whether you are a project owner, construction or engineering firm, Agile Frameworks offers you a comprehensive solution that fully integrates corporate, field and lab management activities for
multiple engineering and construction disciplines in a single platform.


Full chain of custody transparency, from scheduling lab tests and assigning tasks, to conducting field tests and reviewing status of lab samples, analysis and reporting. Technicians can validate all work against requests, eliminating discrepancies and redundant rework. Use any mobile device to upload data onsite in real time, making it instantly accessible to everyone who needs it, including readings, calibration of field test equipment and photos. Fast, accurate reporting so that everyone instantly gets the information they need.
Concrete Materials Testing
Environmental Consulting Software Solution


Track and manage environmental consulting services on one platform, from any device. Delivers Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) that facilitate compliance and permitting before starting new projects. Fast, accurate delivery of Phase I and Phase II ESAs, from record reviews, site inspections and interviews, to sampling, testing, and laboratory analysis and reporting. Supports a broad range of environmental consulting services, including due diligence, environmental compliance and auditing, and remediation design and implementation. Enables project managers to deliver clear directives, preventing costly delays and rework resulting from communication breakdowns.


End-to-end automation of construction engineering and inspection processes for construction management firms. Configured according to your requirements for consistent data collection, analysis, and reporting. Use any device to instantly track and manage any type of field inspections from special inspections like highway signage or paint coatings, to materials testing and compliance. Scheduling and dispatch capabilities make it easy to find technicians according to certifications and qualifications, ensuring necessary tests and tasks are conducted by qualified personnel.
Construction Engineering Inspection Collection Solution
Ndt Non Destructive Testing Software Solution


Streamlined workflows for successful, consistent non-destructive examination (NDE) and non-destructive testing (NDT) in the field or lab. A central repository of data allows project teams to move faster, comparing test results to specifications, creating accurate reports, and instantly obtaining compliant, secure digital signatures. Use any mobile device to collect data, and automate the entire NDT process from initiation, scheduling and dispatch to accessing test specifications. Supports the complete range of NDT services including weld verification, field and laboratory services, mechanical integrity, NACE coating inspections and special inspections.


Fully-configurable capability allows you to set up data collection forms to report and manage subsurface data in almost any way with custom reports that include graphics, photos, charts, maps, and more. Track and manage inspections, tests, and observations from any mobile device in real time to ensure your project team meets critical timelines.
Geotechnical Engineering Software Solutions
Building Sciences Mobile Software Solution


Perform complete and consistent inspections and data collection at a building site for accurate evaluation and reporting on the performance of buildings and structures. Mobile-friendly with option for voice-enabled functions allow you to easily collect, access and manage inspection data onsite. Efficient delivery of testing, inspections and consulting services related to building materials, design, installation, structures and operations. Supports a wide range of building sciences services including building envelope consulting, field services, forensic investigations, roof and waterproof consulting and more.