Everyone agrees that digital disruption is underway in the construction industry, albeit at the beginning stages of change.  Technology is simply pushing the limits of what’s possible from many different directions.  As this evolution continues to be explored, major change is inevitable.

One of this most challenging aspects of this disruption, especially in construction, is that the pressure will come from many different directions. Every project is different and complex, and the flexibility in the applications necessary to accommodate the details is newly emerging.

Today, it doesn’t matter who the players are or what the projects are, the fact is they are all different and it will be several years before the technologies and applications currently being developed will become standardized.

So, what should you do in the meantime?  How can you de-risk the competitive pressures you will face as this disruption hits and still “fit in” to all of these different situations?

Re-Think Your Processes for Competitive Edge

The answer to this question is within your grasp.  You must run this technology race as fast as you can and arrive at the finish line where you can proclaim “We have re-engineered our processes to be digital and we can connect with you!” You must drive efficiency and be able to connect quickly, seamlessly!  And remember, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are.  Digital will level the playing field.

There are obvious secondary benefits to this approach as well.  Your profitability will rise because you will have the opportunity to eliminate manual processes, duplication of effort, and rework all while improving your access to information in an anywhere, anytime, anyplace mode.

You have the opportunity to eliminate latency, cutting weeks off of delivery cycles. Those two elements alone will have a positive competitive impact.  And last but not least, if your profit margins are not in the 20%-plus range, use this digital mandate as an opportunity to get you there.  That’s the low hanging fruit.

Explore Your Technology Options

To jump start your efforts, take a look at what MetaField offers to help you focus on re-engineering your internal operations. And remember, not only can you succeed in the midst of the digital disruption, those who do will have the potential to thrive!

Download our new eBook  “Competitive Differentiation in AEC”  to learn why it’s imperative to re-engineer your firm to gain a competitive edge.

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