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Construction Materials Testing Software

MetaField is the industry-leading digital Construction Materials Testing (CMT) software for field inspection and lab testing. The solution offers a streamlined and connected process from project set up and scheduling, to mobile data collection and report submission.

With MetaField, you will build a strong reputation for speed and quality using compliant forms and reporting, mitigate risk by centralizing your data, and empower project teams, increase job satisfaction, and grow revenue using efficient, automated workflows.

Engineering services firms of all sizes and disciplines use MetaField for field and lab data sampling, surveying, and observation testing.

CMT software provides always-on, anywhere access to project work.

MetaField is powered by the latest cloud technology, with no hardware required or software to maintain as you scale and grow. All system upgrades happen automatically without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrade projects. MetaField is a complete construction materials testing software solution to streamline and connect the entire workflow.

Overview of MetaField, our Construction Materials Testing Software

Scheduling & Dispatch

Optimize staff productivity and assign the right technician for every task when executing scheduling and dispatch in MetaField. Review pending field work alongside availability of qualified technicians. Easily work with multiple schedulers and sort through last minute variables for seamless workflows and stronger communication.

Scheduling and dispatch capability of our construction materials testing software
Field data collection capability of our construction materials testing software

Field Data Collection

MetaField enables data-driven decision making and project execution by automating the process of gathering, aggregating, and analyzing field inspection data in real time. All project data is collected and managed to facilitate efficient workflows, allowing you to easily prepare and respond to client requests for faster delivery of results and reports.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

MetaField LIMS allows for managing samples with a chain-of-custody process, starting in the field with sample creation, to maintain consistency and compliance. Work queues empowers lab supervisors to manage workloads and ensure all tests are completed on time and include the required specifications. 

CMT LIMS software capability
CMT Accreditation


To simplify the certification and approval process, you need a single source of truth for documents and accreditation-related information. MetaField accreditation capabilities provides a centralized location to store documents and organize information to help meet the R18 standard, allowing you to digitally manage day-to-day lab operations to ensure compliance with your QMS.

AgileStamp® Digital Signatures

AgileStamp is our integrated digital signature solution, enabling secure document approvals in real-time. Powered by DocuSign®, AgileStamp is designed to meet the digital signing needs of multidisciplinary engineering, environmental consulting, and testing firms.

Reporting & Delivery

MetaField Reporting & Delivery is the document repository of all reports created and delivered on a project. A centralized source of information supports a seamless workflow and makes it easier to analyze results, enable quality control, verify delivery and provide reliable and accurate recommendations to project teams.

AgilePort® Document Management

AgilePort is MetaField’s document management portal to easily publish and store project documents, including field observations, test results, summary reports and other deliverables. Project teams can instantly access the documents they need, enabling efficient communication and collaboration as well as greater transparency between project stakeholders and clients.

Challenge MetaField Solution
Report Generation and Delivery
The project team doesn’t know where to send reports or which reports need to be signed – there is no centralized location for clients to access history for specific projects.
Teams can see all reports in a central location; digitally sign and deliver reports to clients in batches; audit records; create consolidated reports and project summary reporting; and import external reports.
Scheduling and Dispatch
Static tools (Outlook, Excel, whiteboards) used to schedule and track project tasks and resources are disconnected and labor intensive; follow-up work must be manually communicated.
Visibility to capacity, previous work, and certifications; relevant data collection forms are attached to each assignment as work is systematically scheduled; field personnel know exactly what data needs to be collected.
Field Execution
Field specialists have little information on where to go, what to do, or the work specifications on a job site; using blank paper forms for manual entry; follow-up communication is often forgotten.
Field specialists can see all project documentation and work order assignments; initiate and complete non-scheduled work; systematically track field work samples; use pre-populated forms with specifications and compliance information incorporated; digitally sign, certify, and deliver results to clients.
Lab Work
Lab staff lacks visibility to tests; samples often dropped off with no identification to projects; unknown specifications related to tests; manual data entry for each test performed; minimal knowledge of what needs to be tested in the future.
Visibility to tests via work queues; run multiple tests concurrently; access to pre-defined library of materials specifications; configurable lab test forms; bulk entry and pre-populated data capabilities; data archiving.
Safety programs are often standalone and disconnected; excessive time spent sorting and organizing paper-based, handwritten reports and Job Safety Assessments.
Create standardized, OSHA-compliant safety forms before work is performed; address safety issues in real time; view all safety items by date across all office locations and project sites; set up alerts for follow-up.