MINNEAPOLIS, MN January 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Agile Frameworks, LLC, an independent software vendor (ISV) in the engineering and construction vertical market, has signed five new customers during the past 90 days for its MetaField®, MetaField® LIMS™, AgilePort® and AgileStamp® cloud-based solutions.

Benesch (www.benesch.com).  Alfred Benesch & Company, headquartered in Chicago, IL, specializes in providing quality civil, structural, environmental, landscape architecture, and geotechnical engineering services to clients in transportation and infrastructure development. Founded in 1946, Benesch employs approximately 600 professional and support personnel in 30 offices in 15 states.

Leighton Group, Inc. (www.leightongroup.com).  Leighton provides geotechnical, environmental engineering, special inspection, materials testing and source inspection for infrastructure and institutional projects, and communities throughout California. Founded in 1961, in Irvine, CA, Leighton employs approximately 200 professional and support personnel in 8 offices, with three multiple agency certified laboratories.

GeoConcepts Engineering, Inc. (www.geoconcepts-eng.com).  Headquartered in Ashburn, VA, the firm was founded in 1999 and is focused on delivering geotechnical engineering, hydrogeologic, and environmental consulting services.  GeoConcepts is certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) and a small, woman and minority-owned business (SWaM/WOSB) by various Federal and local government entities.

Holt Engineering, Inc. (www.holteng.com).  Holt Engineering was founded in 1978 to provide   geotechnical engineering and materials testing and Inspection Services in the Austin and Central Texas area.

NOVA Geotechnical and Inspection Services (www.usanova.com). NOVA was founded in 2001 to provide geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, soils inspection and testing, construction materials testing and special inspections to the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas.

MetaField® is an integrated Field Information Management System (FIMS) and Lab Information Management System (LIMS) that supports field inspections and observations, construction materials engineering & testing, construction management & engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, non-destructive engineering/testing (NDE / NDT), and lab testing activities. MetaField powers a straight-through business process from project specification/setup, through scheduling & dispatch, field data collection, sample and specimen control, lab test entry, quality control, report generation, and deliverable distribution.  Readily integrated with most ERP or project accounting systems including Deltek Vision, BST, Microsoft Dynamics SL/ AX and Deltek Ajera, MetaField tightly integrates project control and quality operations with virtually any remote, field-based mobile services.

For more information about Agile Frameworks, LLC; visit www.agileframeworks.com.

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