Company Defines New Software Category - Field Information Management Systems (FIMS)

Minneapolis, MN USA May 3, 2011 / PRNewswire/ Agile Frameworks, LLC, a leading provider of management and IT consulting, software as a service (SaaS) and managed services for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) marketplace, was a featured presenter at the Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase in Phoenix, Arizona April 19, 2011.

The presentation from Mike Anders, president of Agile Frameworks; and Brian Hase, CTO of Braun Intertec, titled “Field Information Management Systems (FIMS) – The Business Case – From Concept to ROI”, described the many benefits received by Braun Intertec from utilization of the MetaField™ mobile application enabling field data collection. MetaField™, offered by Agile Frameworks, has been in production at Braun Intertec for six years. Braun Intertec has realized benefits including faster turnaround on reports, improved quality, accelerated invoicing and receivables collection, and tighter customer relationships. MetaFieldTM has also ushered in a series of new, value-added offerings and capabilities that Braun Intertec is providing to its customers and business partners.

Per Jon Carlson, CEO at Braun Intertec, “we have processed hundreds of thousands of transactions through the MetaField™ system and it has helped us to dramatically improve our operations including increased profitability, improved cash flow and much better service delivery to our clients. Because MetaField™ enables us to collect and store data from our field operations in real-time, we can then provide that data to our customers in multiple formats immediately, including e-mail, a private portal, etc. As a result, we have stronger customer relationships and we are winning new business.”

Brian Hase noted that the new FIMS software category ”is defined by mobile applications that support field operations primarily but optimize business results through tight integration into the rest of the enterprise. Ironically, a best-in-class FIMS also enables an entire group of business operations well beyond the field. Quality assurance, project management, report delivery, and accounting operations are all supported in straight-through, end-to-end, paperless coordination.”

Mike Anders added “Agile Frameworks is committed to being on the leading edge of mobile application development for the applications we develop. For example, MetaFieldTM, is built for the mobile AEC worker running on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and most other consumer-and business-grade mobile devices.

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