Clients Looking Forward to Newly Added Concrete Functionality

MINNEAPOLIS, MN July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/--Agile Frameworks, LLC, a leading provider of field information management systems (FIMS), consulting and managed services for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) marketplace, released MetaField V2.2 on June 29, 2012.

The major release includes many new features and functions such as:

  • Concrete observations, testing, and lab functionality
  • Extended configurability with additional user defined fields
  • Extended project specification settings for project managers
  • New report features & functions extending layout, creation, naming, and distribution options

Robert Mashewske, Regional Vice President of Froehling & Robertson, Inc. of Richmond, VA, stated “With the release of MetaField version 2.2, we expect to quickly ramp up our user count from less than 100 users today to more than 200 users by September. The additional concrete capabilities are going to significantly improve the product.”

Jeremy Arias, Vice President of Arias & Associates, Inc. of San Antonio, TX, is particularly excited about the new concrete functionality that has been added to MetaField.   Arias & Associates specializes in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and environmental consulting.   Per Arias, “I expect the new concrete features to help streamline our processes. We are really looking forward to the added functionality in version 2.2.”

MetaField™, a field information management system, is designed for engineering firms and their field technicians specializing in geotechnical, environmental, non-destructive engineering and construction materials testing to perform onsite data collection. Soil density, concrete field testing, and Special Inspections represent examples of field activities that are supported by MetaField™. MetaField’s™ mobile functionality addresses the remote-nature of the business and the entire field data collection process in a more accurate, accelerated way running on most smartphones, pads, and PCs.

Brian Hase, Chief Technology Officer for Agile Frameworks added “This release of MetaField offers enterprise-class, mobile-optimized software for firms that operate significant CMT businesses.” Added Doug Bonestroo, Vice President of Business Development, “It will help us to enable our clients to improve their profitability, cash flow, service delivery and competitive position. We are looking forward to providing an updated suite of services.”

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Doug Bonestroo, VP of Business Development, Agile Frameworks, LLC
E-mail: Voice: 612-202-9011

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