Agile Frameworks Announces MetaField Training Center

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – November 9, 2023 Agile Frameworks®, the category leading provider in integrated field and lab management SaaS solutions for Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and wider geotechnical engineering services in North America, today announced the launch of its MetaField Training Center to streamline customer onboarding, training, and ongoing support. Built into the MetaField platform, the goal is to accelerate standardization, retention, and technology adoption for engineering services firms. The target date for client availability is January 2024.

The MetaField Training Center is designed to accelerate new client adoption and to ensure existing client adoption of new and existing product features. The increased learning curve will drive productivity gains, empowerment, and increased profitability. Leveraging a combination of “in-app” how-to guides and self-directed learning, the MetaField Training Center will rapidly enable new full-time and seasonal staff who are regularly working within MetaField®. The tool also includes “callouts” of new features, designed to ensure the MetaField community becomes skilled with the platform’s ongoing new functionality, modern user interface (UI), and streamlined navigation.

The initial launch of the tool focuses on high volume, regular workflows to help users get comfortable with the MetaField platform. The “101” guides give users a crucial foundation of knowledge, which will be built upon with future, expert-level workflow trainings. The MetaField Training Center also supports less technical users and increases their willingness to adopt a technology solution by applying in-app engagement, knowledge transfer, and self-training analytics.
In addition to the MetaField Training Center, Agile Frameworks is driving better onboarding, training, and customer satisfaction through major product enhancements scheduled in 2024, including streamlined workflows, new dashboards, and enhanced integrations.

Additionally, a typical MetaField implementation involves Agile Frameworks experts who have over 30 years of building industry-standard, compliant templates. The team provides over 450 templates for customers to access within the system and designs customer-specific forms and reports as needed. They also proactively manage the configuration and data entry of all system requirements. This approach allows MetaField customers to focus their valuable time on learning and adopting the system while Agile Frameworks enables the system for them.

With over 15 years of experience in implementing over 100 clients, the Agile Frameworks methodology has successfully onboarded new clients from in-house, homegrown systems, other commercial vendors, and firms with no previous experience with a digital solution.

“Our customers are busy,” said Chelsey Maas, Head of Product UX at Agile Frameworks. “Rather than asking them to set aside dedicated time to engage with our product, we intentionally meet them where they already are. By adding a layer to existing behaviors and superimposing tooltips, annotations, and task lists on top of our interface, we’ve been able to help our users learn and embrace MetaField easier, faster, and with a higher retention of information.”

To learn see the MetaField Training Center in action, watch the launch video.

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Agile Frameworks® provides comprehensive software-as-a-service solutions that integrate corporate, field, and lab data for business process automation across architecture and engineering disciplines. We transform workflows, create high-value data, and deliver outputs you can trust, resulting in industry-leading productivity and profitability. MetaField®, our field and lab data collection and reporting platform, offers an all-in-one cloud-based digital workflow to automate and connect the process from project set up and scheduling, to mobile data collection and report submission. Companies that use MetaField experience a dramatic cost benefit and distinct competitive advantage.  Build a new way forward at and follow us on X and LinkedIn.

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