MINNEAPOLIS – April 16, 2018 – Agile Frameworks™, the leading provider of collaborative, cloud-based corporate, field, and lab information management enabling Profitable Engineering™ for the engineering services and construction sector, today announced Atlanta-based United Consulting has selected MetaField® to enhance the company’s engineering operations through improved automation, collaboration and mobility.

In business for more than 28 years, United Consulting is a multidiscipline engineering consulting firm with extensive experience in geotechnical and environmental consulting, geophysical services, construction materials testing, and inspection services, completing thousands of geotechnical explorations throughout the country.

A Georgia Department of Transportation-certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), licensed and registered in 35 states with offices in Georgia, Alabama, and California, United Consulting’s 8,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art materials testing laboratory is AASHTO accredited and provides a variety of soil mechanics and materials testing.

While United Consulting has seen tremendous success and growth over the years, it wasn’t resigned to maintaining the status quo. The company saw a need to automate processes and improve data access in the field to support greater efficiency and heighten customer satisfaction. Seeking to deploy new technology enables United Consulting to future-proof its business in the coming years and accommodate new generations of engineering consultants joining the workforce.

After a lengthy search, the company turned to MetaField, a subscription-based Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform that supports the schedule, dispatch, test, collection and real-time reporting of data and results and streamlines complex workflows for greater productivity and profitability.

Following MetaField deployment, United Consulting is now able to flow data and streamline processes to its field personnel equipped with mobile devices. Seamless integration with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system ensures access to project information and specifications, CAD/CAM drawings and billing data to support timelier invoicing. And personnel can now make changes to reports and distribute them with greater ease and efficiency.

“We anticipate the speed, visibility and overall responsiveness of our operations will improve greatly with MetaField,” said Reza Abree, P.E., president and CEO, United Consulting. “We now have a framework in place that enables us to eliminate paper and manual processing and gives us a platform to achieve our growth goals and gain competitive advantage through improved access to information from the field to the lab to the client.”

“United Consulting has an exceptional name in the business, and now the company has retooled to be well positioned for future growth,” said Bob Tuttle, Agile Frameworks CEO. “Our MetaField solution today and our investments into the platform will give United Consulting the ability to support more profitable engineering through streamlined scheduling/dispatch, project administration, field data collection, materials testing, review and quality control, digital signing, automated client reporting, and so much more.”

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