As Alabama-based TTL, Inc. (TTL) was growing and targeting clients in different regions of the U.S., they realized they needed a software tool that provided a way to present their work product to clients with a uniform look and delivery process across all seven of their offices. The firm, which serves the transportation, energy, industrial and municipal market sectors, offers traditional geotechnical, construction materials testing, special inspections, and environmental services. They also wanted to improve the timeliness of reporting.

After investigating the software marketplace, TTL chose Agile Frameworks’ MetaField® solution because they felt like it was specifically designed for their type of business and for the kind of work that they perform. MetaField supports a variety of field and lab activities through a configurable workflow that extends into report distribution—it was what they needed.

CMT Project Information in Real-Time

A key feature that is important to them is access to real-time information. After their field techs enter data in the field, project engineers and managers have instant access to that data. And they can immediately relay any discrepancies to their client without a time lag. They’ve also incorporated the scheduling module across all of their offices so they can efficiently allocate their personnel for projects.

The implementation has been working well for TTL. According to Pat Gupton, P.E., senior vice president, “We’ve dramatically increased our turnaround time on our reports. When we were doing them in the old paper method, it would sometimes take us three to five days to get reports turned around. Now we’ve dramatically decreased that time from when we input our data to delivering to our clients.”

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Positive Client Feedback

They’ve received much positive feedback from their clients on how the reports are presented. TTL loves the reporting output of the system—particularly how easy it is to insert photos into the reports. They think MetaField’s reporting differentiates their work product from some of their other competitors. Also, TTL has been able to track their projects a lot better.

“Having the uniformity of our work product and clients knowing exactly what they were getting, along with the deficiency reporting is really important,” said Dean McClure, president. “As we were looking at different software platforms, we knew that we needed to be part of our clients’ experience and offer strong teamwork within their project. As you go through a construction process, you will find areas that have deficiencies. We were using a sidebar type of product to try to keep up with identified deficiencies. MetaField has deficiency reporting that makes it easy for our clients to identify the aspects of the project that need to be fixed immediately in order to keep their project on schedule.”

Enhanced Client Experience

TTL observed how they'd improved the clients’ experience. For the client deliverable, they’re getting same-day and next day service back to clients, and that’s very important to them. Plus they’ve got specific clients that enjoy the customized reporting feature that MetaField allows them to utilize. A lot of their clients have been amazed and impressed with it. Clients have been able to provide input into what TTL is reporting and provide feedback on formats that will help them to manage their projects. Also, the customized reporting has turned out to be a game-changer that has allowed them the opportunity to win more work.

“One thing that Agile Frameworks does very well is that they continue to re-invest in their product and that’s important to us. The product when we first came on board three years ago is not the same product as it is today. It’s been a continuous improvement, not only from our company’s input back to Agile Frameworks but from the multiple users that are using the product. They’ve been open and receptive to those inputs and suggestions,” said McClure.

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