We ran this post back in early 2019 but feel remote software implementation is even more important now. Busy work schedules and in-person contact limitations make this a very timely topic. More than 85% of our implementations in 2020 have been remote.

What do you do when you want to roll out enterprise software, but you do not have a lot of down time?

AEC firms are notoriously busy places with few down time opportunities. When there is any lull in the business, they take the opportunity for internal projects, like moving to a digital field data collection and reporting system, such as our MetaField software solution.

Over the last few years, we have seen these lulls become shorter and less frequent. For that reason, we have partnered with our customers to remotely implement MetaField. A remote software implementation allows the team to work through the MetaField training and configuration in segments so they can still carry on their day-to-day business. These types of implementations work best for smaller firms that can only provide one or two dedicated resources to the project.

Web-Based Kickoff Meeting

Our remote jump start training begins with a web-based conference kickoff broken up over four half-days. The customer only needs to have access to a computer and internet bandwidth that supports remote conferencing. Each session is typically scheduled for four to five hours and includes a live product overview, training and configuration discussions with members of our Professional Services team.

After each session, customers have the opportunity to review step by step training materials that we provide. We also offer a sandbox area so users can practice what they have learned following each session. This approach has been very successful with our customers that have chosen our remote software implementation. The key to their success has been coming to the meetings prepared to learn, participate and ask a lot of questions.

Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

After the kickoff is complete, customers follow a step-by-step configuration guide to continue the work that was started during the kickoff. We conduct weekly meetings to review the details of the configuration and continue training on forms and report creation. The average time to go live with MetaField following a kickoff in 2020 has been eight weeks, but we had one firm live in just five days!

Get the Right Implementation for You

Learn more about our MetaField solution and see if a remote software implementation is right for you. Agile Frameworks will work with you to develop a project plan, timeline and roll out that works best for your type of organization.

Julie Cota, PMP

Julie Cota, PMP, Director of  Professional Services at Agile Frameworks, LLC

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