MetaField®, a subscription-based Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform, is used by field staff, laboratory technicians, project managers, principal engineers and administrators to schedule, dispatch, test, collect and assemble results
to accurately deliver information to clients in real time. With MetaField, we can help you to
streamline complex workflows for greater productivity and profitability.

MetaField Scheduling & Dispatch


Execute on projects faster when you manage scheduling and dispatch in real time. Schedulers use centralized, shared views to review committed work-loads, issue work orders, and schedule technicians for projects. Set up required certifications to ensure you schedule qualified technicians, and get alerts if scheduled technicians do not meet your criteria. Notifications are delivered via text or email for instant responses to work order requests.


Streamline the process of collecting and managing sample and test data, photos and field observations for fast, data-driven decision making and project execution. Field technicians can instantly review work orders, upload data, and generate detailed daily reports. From field to office, on desktop or mobile, a central data repository ensures your project team always has real-time access to accurate and actionable information.

MetaField Field Data Collection


Complete chain-of-custody transparency for all project stakeholders. Whether you’re collecting samples in the field, receiving them in the lab, reviewing project status, or creating a report or invoice, you’ll be able to validate lab testing against field work orders and avoid miscommunication and discrepancies. MetaField is the only end-to-end, fully integrated Field
and Laboratory Management solution designed to meet the specific requirements of your lab.


Digital document management hub for actionable communication between project teams and clients. Instantly access field observations, test results, and other reporting deliverables from any device using dynamic search capabilities based on your needs. Real time document updates enable faster execution of work, keeping project teams on track and on budget. Fully integrated with all project workflows in MetaField.

MetaField Document Management, AgilePort
MetaField DIY Forms & Reports


Smart, digital forms and reports that collect only the data and inputs your team specifies, automating the process of building custom reports for project stakeholders and clients. Use pre-designed forms and associated reports from the MetaField DIY library or build, test and deploy your own data entry forms and reports. Supports the development and management of hundreds of forms, with user-defined fields, to easily facilitate observations, special instructions, sampling and testing for a variety of engineering services and disciplines.


Instantly review data, generate reports, and deliver information to your project team from anywhere, on any device. Access and analyze field and laboratory outputs, and easily validate against project specifications. Data is updated in real time, ensuring everyone is working off of accurate information that seamlessly flows into reports that can be shared with project stakeholders and clients.

Reporting & Delivery, MetaField
CMT Lab Accreditation


Metafield Accreditation is a comprehensive solution to consistently manage policy and procedure driven information, particularly across multiple lab locations. This module helps you digitally manage day-to-day lab operations to ensure compliance with your QMS as a single source of truth for documents and accreditation-related information.


Secure, industry-compliant digital signatures for fast and efficient document transactions. Supports multiple signatures, making it easy to track and manage the approval process from end-to-end, including contracts, purchase orders, work orders, proposals, RFIs, change orders and other important documents. Project teams get the approvals they need in minutes, and managers can review workflows against the status of document transactions.

MetaField Digital Signatures, AgileStamp


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