Stormwater Pollution
Prevention Plans

What is SWPPP?

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, often abbreviated as SWP3 or SWPPP, is a site-specific document that identifies the potential sources of storm water pollution and describes control measures to reduce or eliminate the identified pollutants. It also identifies procedures to comply with specific permit conditions. The plans are designed to prevent violations of surface water quality, groundwater quality, and sediment management standards, and are designed to prevent adverse impacts to receiving water by controlling peak rates and volumes of storm water runoff. SWPPP’s typically aim to implement and maintain best management practices (BMPs) that identify and control the discharge of storm water pollutants.

Simplify the SWPPP Process

Regular storm water inspections and visual assessments provide qualitative information on whether there are unaddressed potential pollutant sources at your site, and whether existing control measures are effective or need to be reevaluated. MetaFieldĀ® enables data-driven decision making and project execution by automating the process of gathering, aggregating and analyzing data in real time.

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