Many of Agile Frameworks’ customers are using Agile Frameworks’ MetaField® solution to streamline field data collection and reporting throughout the construction process. Here are some key examples of how they use MetaField for field data collection efficiency.

Consolidate Data on One Platform

As a full service laboratory providing materials testing services in their labs and construction materials testing in the field, ATC Group deals with a lot of data across multiple divisions. MetaField has become the key to streamlining their processes and delivering greater efficiency to their team.

With more than 100 offices across the country that provide multiple services, ATC Group needed one platform to collect and report on data to help employees work smarter.

“MetaField has been beneficial to our company and specifically helps us be more efficient. Having so many offices, we needed to consolidate the way we do things,” said VP, Director – Geotechnical and CMT Services, Scott Vinsant.

High Quality Data Leads to High Efficiency

Minneapolis-based Braun Intertec started using Agile Frameworks’ MetaField platform as a way to provide real-time data and consistent client reporting across their company footprint. They also found they could address and improve several other key issues such as work quality and efficiency.

“The less amount of data you have to reproduce, the higher quality that data will be,” said Jeff Gebhard, P.E., chief technical and innovation officer. “With higher quality comes higher efficiency.”

The mobile-enabled field data collection allows field techs to enter data once. The techs don’t have to bring back the data they’ve collected and put it on someone’s desk to sit there until someone gets to it.

“As we continue to streamline our processes, it becomes incumbent on our firm to understand how we can handle the workload through automation and using software to help advance efficiencies,” said Principal and National CME Resource Leader, Matt Balster.

Reduce Reporting Time by 30-40%

For Alabama-based Southern Earth Sciences (SESI), they knew that it was time to make a change to keep up with technology to be more streamlined.

“We knew that we could be much more efficient in what we did—specifically in CMT—by bringing a system like MetaField on board,” said Matt Coaker, P.E., Geotechnical Engineering Manager.

According to Coaker, the most important feature is collecting data on tablets or smartphones right in the field.

“It removes the step of having guys in the field fill out paper forms and then have admin staff recreate that data for reports,” said Coaker. “We can have it in one step in the field with the technology of the tablets. I would say it easily reduces reporting time by 30 to 40% by eliminating having to recreate the paper logs or from the paper logs having to generate new reports.”


Use MetaField, a trusted subscription, cloud-based solution, to streamline field data collection and client services. The solution focuses on increasing productivity and profitability. MetaField also is the only industry solution that fully integrates corporate, field, and lab information management activities in one platform across multiple engineering and construction disciplines.

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