Technology disruption combined with talent shortages on top of chronically low productivity and profitability in the construction and engineering industry poses a serious question: Can organizations maintain their status quo and survive, let alone thrive? The answer is NO!


In our latest executive brief, “Staffing Shortages, Low Productivity, and Low Profitability: Turning Challenges into Opportunities,” we establish that staffing, productivity and profitability are serious challenges that deserve serious attention.

The vicious cycle of staffing shortages, rising human resource costs and rising compensation costs is resulting in stagnant productivity and lower profits.


Technology is mandating a change in the techniques and tools organizations use to manage their companies for the foreseeable future in order to remain viable.

The new ways of working are found at the intersection of re-engineered operational processes, data, technology adoption, and new organizational structures that put the right resources in the right place for the right task at the right time.

Organizations that successfully create this intersection could see double-digit productivity improvements and double-digit profitability improvements. Are you ready to rethink your operating approaches?


Technology is clearly part of the productivity answer for construction and engineering, but it’s one of the most complicated verticals due to the sheer number of different technologies to choose from.

Along with the vast amount of technologies is the problem of dealing with all of the data generated by the technology. Without a firm technology vision and execution of the strategy, that data sits in silos within departments or individual projects.


Stay tuned for part two of this topic, where we discuss how to take advantage of the available opportunities not only to address these challenges but to reposition your organization to thrive in this technology-infused world.


To learn more about how Agile Frameworks can help you leverage technology disruption and turn staffing shortages, low productivity and low profitability challenges into opportunities, please look at our guide, “Staffing Shortages, Low Productivity, and Low Profitability: Turning Challenges into Opportunities—Part One.” To download the guide, click the button below.

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