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Project setup: the right ingredients for project management efficiency

Today, workflows for field and lab operations are generally supported by disparate, non-integrated systems that often require the use of manual forms or spreadsheets to capture and document work performed. But even before data is captured in the field, project setup is the beginning step of the entire process which is crucial to the success of that project and often underrated by the industry.

As a project manager, you need a system and a consistent process to set up projects and communicate information to field resources in a timely manner. With MetaField® project managers can add to project specifications and notes once – in a centralized location – that inform field and lab staff on what project work needs to be performed.

Key Takeaways:
  • Create a standardized experience with cross-functional view of the entire project workflow for greater collaboration, communication, and efficiency.
  • Predict project profitability with proactive real-time visibility to reduce risk in your workflow and deliver on-time, accurate reporting.
  • Achieve fast, connected digital project workflows with the latest advancements from Agile Frameworks for project management efficiency.

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