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Chain of custody
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What is meant by “Chain of custody”?

Chain of custody is the chronological documentation process that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic information. In testing scenarios, such as construction materials testing, soil testing, or non-destructive testing, the concept is important to record the traceability of report results and associate those results with the performed tests. Each sample is identified by a unique number and date and is properly sealed and marked prior to submission for testing. This identification allows for the sample to be tracked throughout the entire course of prescribed testing procedures and ensures the validity of the sample and testing results.


MetaField® provides your team with full chain of custody transparency, from scheduling lab tests and assigning tasks, to conducting field tests and reviewing status of lab samples, analysis and reporting.  Samples are accounted for every step of the way to enable easier collaboration between field and lab technicians, and to ensure accurate analysis and reporting.