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Invest in a comprehensive software solution for concrete testing

Testing concrete is critical for Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and engineering services firms involved in the building envelope or the Department of Transportation (DOT). Organizations that traditionally relied on inefficient paper-based processes can now look at improving productivity and profitability by adopting an all-in-one concrete testing software solution.


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Leading the industry forward

MetaField® is a game changer for your concrete materials testing operations

MetaField® is a cloud-based software solution that unifies project workflows, facilitates real-time reporting, and streamlines communications for concrete testing.

Whether your team manages concrete tests across different mix designs or for repetitive density tests over large fill areas, data is entered one time, in the field or lab, so your team can collect and report on all the information required for a project quickly and accurately.

We use MetaField for all of our field data collection. Our compaction testing, concrete, our daily field activities, our reports are all generated in the MetaField platform.
Matt Balster
P.E., principal and national CMT resource leader

There is a lot to gain from MetaField

Get always-on and anywhere access to your projects and data by using MetaField, our flagship cloud-based software. Built using the latest cloud technology, it is a turn-key, self-maintained solution that doesn't require hardware/software to download, install, and maintain as you scale and grow. You get the latest technology and software upgrades without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrade projects. MetaField offers technology resiliency with a fail-safe modern infrastructure and dual-data warehouse support. With MetaField, you subscribe to digital experiences that unlock business value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying technology to your concrete materials testing will save time, avoid redundant data entry, and prevent re-work. MetaField not only introduces a digital form creation and reporting solution, but it also offers a built-in process workflow. MetaField provides full chain of custody transparency, from scheduling lab tests and assigning tasks, to conducting field tests and reviewing status of lab samples, analysis, and reporting for construction materials testing. With MetaField, enter data one time, in the field or lab, and collect all the information you need to get accurate results fast.

By accessing MetaField from your desktop or mobile device, you have a repository of project information to easily review data, generate reports and quickly deliver critical information to your project team. Project managers and engineers can instantly access and analyze field and laboratory outputs to validate suitability against project specifications and can seamlessly create reports, delivering results and recommendations to clients and other key stakeholders.