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With MetaField you are able to implement significant efficiencies across your team to do more with less, and complete testing and reporting faster. These efficiencies can result in substantial savings and revenue growth opportunity! 

Calculate the financial impact you can gain from implementing MetaField for your construction materials testing.


“Profitability is your ultimate metric and I certainly attribute a significant component of our financial success to using MetaField®.”

Travis Wambeke, CEO
GeoProfessional Innovation Corp.

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Calculate Labor Savings

MetaField increases efficiency across the entire project team which is realized at the bottom line. Analyze your labor costs and calculate the financial impact by maximizing productivity to save on labor costs from time saving efficiencies across field and lab inspection and testing functions (scheduling, field data collection, project management, QA, administrative) to accomplish more and reduce non-billable time.

Calculate the estimated savings you can gain with MetaField and contact us for a personalized assessment for your business.

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