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Customer Success & Support

A proactive and collaborative approach

The MetaField Customer Success team has over 55 years of combined account management and technical support. The team is introduced to new customers during implementation and becomes the customers’ first point of contact following a successful go-live. The team is focused on delivering consistent communication to help to increase the following:

  • Retention
  • User adoption
  • Client satisfaction

Through your dedicated Customer Success contact, you will have access to site usage metrics to help you take full advantage of MetaField. Collectively, we will identify areas for organization improvements to optimize workflow efficiencies, expansion, and KPIs. All personnel are located within the United States and work in-house at Agile Frameworks.

Customer Success Team and Support with MetaField

proven approach

Solving for the ‘need behind the need’

Our approach to account management is much broader than simply customer support. We strive to have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business, markets, and challenges so we can solve for the “need behind the need.”

The team holds regular meetings with customers to review:

  • Usability and strategic project roadmap planning
  • New and upcoming MetaField system updates and recommendations
  • System optimization and strategic account planning
  • MetaField metrics and long-term growth initiatives

In-App Training

MetaField Training Center

Rapidly enable new full-time and seasonal staff who are regularly working within MetaField with MetaField Training Center, the first and only in-app training solution in the engineering services space.

MetaField Training Center is the combination of “in-app” how-to guides, interactive call-outs and self-directed learning content.

Firms who leverage MetaField Training Center will:

  • Spend less time onboarding employees
  • Increase effectiveness of training
  • Proactively gain visibility and training of new features
  • Ensure company processes are followed

24/7 availability for prompt response toward resolution

Included with a MetaField subscription is our dedicated support portal, which allows users to log tickets, requests, product ideas, and general feedback.

The portal is available 24/7 and all customer-facing staff are notified of support portal tickets to ensure efficient and prompt response towards resolution. Our staff is structured by time zone throughout North America to align with our customer operating hours.

As part of our service level agreement, the Support Portal is currently resolving 98.2% of tickets with an average resolution time of under 4 hours (against an SLA of 7 days to respond). Most tickets, regardless of severity level receive an initial response within 30 minutes.

Agile Frameworks supports zero-downtime deployments, which means customers can continue to use MetaField while upgrades, bug fixes, or emergency patches are performed with no disruption to site availability. We seek to maintain at least an expected availability of 99.98%, which roughly translates to no more than one hour of unscheduled downtime each year.