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Case Study

Services Offered

Geotechnical engineering, environmental, construction materials testing (CMT), and special inspections (SI)

Hickory, North Carolina

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Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing (CVET) had field technicians who were habitually late documenting information, project managers were burnt out tracking down data, and inefficiences in how they were tracking their work roders. The inefficiencies they experienced around reporting and tracking in a timely manner is what ultimately prompt the team to reevaluate their IT hardware and seek a digital solution.


The leadership team at CVET was in discussions with a competing solution before they met with the team at Agile Frameworks. In the middle of the MetaField demonstration, the President of CVET blurted out, “where do I sign up?” It was a done deal before the meeting was over. CVET felt comfortable they would have clear communication and support from the team at Agile Frameworks. During the onboarding process, CVET felt supported above and beyond what they had expected.


Since implementing MetaField, CVET has increased their workflow capabilities for greater productivity and efficiency. They have improved report delivery, streamlined processes, and reduced operational cost