What does more time in your day mean to you? More importantly, what does it mean to your team and how would that translate to improved job satisfaction and company performance? Modern tools and technology applied to the construction materials testing industry saves time, avoids redundant data entry, and helps prevent re-work. Yet many firms have not taken action because they do not have the bandwidth or the resources to allocate to large internal projects. Typically, the same internal high performers are assigned to all the “special projects,” in addition to doing their day jobs.

Many firms have not evaluated their current processes and systems in years. The ERP has been in place for a decade or two and they are using the same type of spreadsheet budget models and project setup sheets developed in the early 2000’s. Similarly (and riskier), capturing various types of site data and field test results is still a manual process using field books and other paper forms. 

With all the new tools available, now is the time to do an objective review of your internal project related policies, procedures, and systems that are part of the project life cycle. This can provide the visibility you need to identify small changes that can be implemented quickly to improve processes and eliminate costly workarounds. 

To reduce disruption to the business and the impact on your team, consider implementing solutions that focus on specific areas of the business that are prime targets for digitalization, i.e., site data collection and field test results capture. New solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Cloud based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models which reduces capital spending related to maintenance, upgrades, scalability, etc. 
  • Automated workflows to quickly collect, verify, and deliver accurate, professional data reporting.
  • Digital forms that are verifiable, traceable, and complete to mitigate risk and improve speed of delivery.

Time is our most valuable asset, but onboarding and training team members can become a project in itself with big consequences if not done effectively. With today’s labor market, firms cannot afford high turnover, but many do not have the tools they need to attract and retain talent. Those tools are out there, and with proper planning and thoughtful execution, implementing new processes can enhance – rather than disrupt – the day-to-day operations of your business.

In addition to finding the right software solutions, it is key to partner with a provider who can guide your firm in process optimization for ultimate gains in efficiency. Specifically, with MetaField® you can reduce data entry time for processing tests by 50% or more. By prioritizing the right investments, organizations can increase productivity and be more competitive without being disruptive.

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Stephanie Hooton

Stephanie Hooton, Senior Process Engineer, Agile Frameworks

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