We build the system while you learn the system.

Standardizing processes across your organization can be challenging, especially during an implementation process where you want a solid foundation to build upon. We hear this from customers who go through software implementations, which is why we offer a fully staffed in-house implementation team to accommodate milestones, ensure goals are met, enable a successful go-live experience, and most importantly – do most of the heavy lifting for you.

To get started, our customers provide project and operational resources, technical requirements, and data required to support project activities. After that, we take over and get everything set up in the MetaField platform on your behalf.

The MetaField team offers a tailored implementation experience to meet the unique needs of your firm.

  • We deliver flexible service options to meet the distinctive resourcing, timeline, and budgetary needs of each organization.
  • We partner with customers to co-develop and execute on the mutually-agreed upon project goals, schedule, and go-live date.
  • We provide a customized scope of work, which defines requirements for a successful project launch and completion, a work plan, including detailed steps, timing, and actions across all project phases, and training and documentation materials following the completion of the project kickoff meeting.

To successfully onboard construction materials testing (CMT) or related geotechnical engineering services firms of varying sizes and needs, we offer the following best practice implementation services to our customers:

1. Process Mapping
We document and review end-to-end client workflows to understand how MetaField will best fit in to your organization’s existing processes. The outcome feeds into the UAT (application testing) process and end-user training.

2. Usage Summary
Following implementation, we review our customers’ usage of all MetaField features and functionality to determine what is being used, should be added, or could be added in the future. The outcome feeds into our customer success and support teams to ensure our customers are maximizing the value of their investment.

3. On-demand Training
We offer end-user workflow training on how to incorporate new functionality based on outcomes from the process mapping and usage summaries to support a successful organization-wide rollout. Specific types of training include practice exercises, ‘how-to’ videos, train-the-trainer, and in-system help /guidance.

4. Customizable Forms & Report Engine
We also offer the most extensive, customizable form and report template library in the industry. Our team of form and report design experts upload pre-existing lists from our customers and enter the related specifications, so you don’t have to. Customers review the list of forms and reports, and we customize them to ensure they meet your unique branding requirements. This approach allows our customers to focus their valuable time on learning and adopting the system, not on manual setup work and complicated configurations.

A MetaField implementation is like no other. Unlike some software implementations, it is not daunting or time-consuming for your team. Whether you choose a remote or in-person implementation, we offer a customized approach with multiple experienced implementation experts and proven best-in-class services to support you from beginning to end.

If you’re curious about implementing MetaField and how the proven efficiencies could impact your business, or if you’re interested in reviewing your existing instance for improvements, schedule time with our team today. Together, let’s make this your best year yet!

It’s not only about implementation though, but also continuous support and training. That’s why we’re launching MetaField Training Center, a dedicated system built into the product that walks users through how to use MetaField.

Learn more by watching this video.

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