The Stay-at-Home orders driven by the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the way that AEC firms conduct business. Field techs still gather field data remotely but can’t come back to the office to write up their reports. Project managers can’t access the reports to review them without remote access to files.

Not all firms have the technology to allow their employees to work remotely. According to a recent ENR Magazine article, “For many [firms], key project files sit inaccessible on isolated servers. Those who have migrated to the cloud say it’s not a move that can happen quickly, but there are things that companies can start doing now.”

Now more than ever AEC firms need to find new ways to collect and share field data. They need a technology solution with remote access that allows them to get projects done. A remote access solution will enable them to focus on protecting employees and complying with job site requirements. Here are three ways you can leverage cloud-based technology to keep your projects and revenue streams going.

Get Started with a Remote Implementation

Implementing a new software platform can be a daunting process. Construction and engineering firms are often “heads down” with client projects during busy season; as a result, they have a limited time frame to implement new platform following the end of these busy seasons.

A remote software implementation allows the team to work through the training and configuration in segments so they can still carry on their day-to-day business. These types of implementations work best for firms that can only provide one or two dedicated resources to the project and who need speed and efficiency.

Enable Remote Field Data Collection and Sharing

A cloud-based solution allows you to have convenient access through smartphones, tablets and laptops no matter where you are using it. Anyone in the firm who needs access to the data has visibility and can see the data in real time.

Field technicians can instantly review work orders, upload data, and generate detailed daily reports. From field to office, on desktop or mobile, a central data repository ensures your project team always has remote access to real-time, accurate and actionable information.

Maintain Project Management from a Distance

Delivering project reports is often required in order to get paid for your work. Paper-based project information stored across multiple data bases can make compiling the report very difficult.

A cloud-based solution allows project managers or engineers to instantly review data, generate reports, and deliver information to project teams from anywhere, on any device. They can access and analyze field and laboratory outputs, and easily validate against project specifications. The technology updates data in real time, ensuring everyone is working off of accurate information that seamlessly flows into reports that can be shared with project stakeholders and clients.

How Do I Get Started?

MetaField is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform that supports the schedule, dispatch, test, collection and real-time reporting of data and results and streamlines complex workflows for greater productivity and profitability.

Take it from one of our recently implemented customers.

“MetaField is allowing our project managers to work from home and see results from the field and lab as the data is saved. This would not have been possible without a software solution like MetaField.” –Jeff Elliott, vice president, TTL Associates, Inc.

Contact us to learn more about MetaField or to request a demo.

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