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Laboratory Accreditation
For Construction Materials Testing

A proactive approach to simplify audits

You don't need it until you do. An audit can be very disruptive and costly. MetaField® Accreditation provides a cloud-based centralized location to store and share documents to prepare you for a seamless audit.

To simplify the certification and approval process, you need a single source of truth for documents and accreditation-related information to meet the R18 standard. Digitally manage day-to-day lab operations to ensure compliance with your QMS, and peace of mind that all your lab data is accredited.

Centralized source of truth

Laboratory accreditation – specifically AASHTO R18 Quality Management System (QMS) accreditation – requires meticulous record-keeping. CMT firms must consistently manage policy and procedure driven information, often across multiple lab locations.

MetaField offers a comprehensive solution to create, store, and manage all lab accreditation documentation and records. Competency verifications and written evaluations within MetaField support industry standards, and each pre-defined form template is tied to specific testing standards.

A centralized repository for accreditation-related information, including documents, evaluation forms, certifications, and equipment (inventory, calibration, and maintenance), improves efficiency and consistency of training and evaluation processes.

Reduce oversight and audit time

Paper-based training and certification documents are easily misplaced in file cabinets and therefore difficult to reference during an audit. This can cost you time and money. If you are missing forms or the forms you have are incomplete, preparing for an audit is an overwhelming effort.

On average, CMT firms spend 14 – 21 days preparing for audits. 

With MetaField, reduce on-site audit time by 25 – 50% through accurate and searchable record keeping that can be easily referenced during an audit.