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For Construction Materials Testing

Billing is often one of the most complex processes for engineering services firms, with projects having multiple phases, separate deliverables, milestones, and billing arrangements. Add in the wide range of services offered and various pricing structures, accurately capturing all billable work becomes a cumbersome process. But it doesn’t have to be.

MetaField streamlines the billing process by removing the manual tasks associated with logging billing transactions, tracking project costs, setting project rates, and generating invoices.

Accurately capture all billing transactions

Paper-based billing methods can cause transactions to be overlooked or forgotten, resulting in a missed billing opportunity.

MetaField records these transactions at the time of the event, providing you with a comprehensive view of all logged billing details so unapproved or unbilled transactions can quickly be identified and sent for payment.

Ensure project remains in scope

Boost your reputation and keep clients satisfied by staying within project scope with live budget tracking.

MetaField allows you to add a budget to your project and monitor the progress in real-time to avoid project overages. Easily understand the status of the budget with dashboard insights that highlight key project metrics including total budget, amount billed, work in progress, and remaining budget.

Standardize pricing across services offered

Properly plan and schedule work on a project and be confident you’re achieving optimum profitability with global rate cards.

MetaField allows you to set and manage your firm’s rates per service offered, to provide consistent and accurate cost estimates, reporting, and billing. These rates can be adjusted on a per project bases for maximum flexibility.