Iowa construction testing firm launches MetaField to streamline workflows and enhance client reporting


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – October, 20, 2020 – Agile Frameworks®, the leading provider of collaborative, cloud-based corporate, field, and lab information management enabling Profitable Engineering® for the construction and engineering services sector, today announced Construction Materials Testing has selected its MetaField® solution to automate and modernize its field data collection and lab testing processes and streamline client reporting.

Based in Des Moines, IA, Construction Materials Testing (CMT) positions itself as a quality control company that specializes in construction testing for soils, asphalt, concrete, and aggregate. The firm serves general contractors, engineering design firms, and government entities such as the federal highway and aviation administrations.

CMT’s biggest challenge was getting their technicians to turn in their daily field reports in a timely manner.

“In our old-school way, the techs filled out duplicate copies of the field report, left a copy for the contractor, and brought a copy back to the office. The project managers and administrative staff processed it and made it into a formal report that was put in a project file,” said Sybil Ferrier, vice president, principal engineer. “The technicians were so inundated with work that by the end of the week they hadn’t filed any reports for that week. We needed to streamline that process. It was very archaic.”

MetaField is a subscription-based, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) platform from Agile Frameworks that automates complex workflows for greater productivity and profitability. It provides a single application to manage project specifications, schedule, dispatch, test, collect and assemble results to accurately deliver information to clients in real time.

By streamlining their internal workflows with MetaField, CMT is able to provide results to their clients faster to help them keep their projects moving along. Previously, what was a three-day process to create a report, now has been streamlined to less than a day.

“We’ve seen 20-30 percent growth so far in the year,” said Ryan Clement, logistics coordinator. “Our volume has gone up exponentially, yet we’re still able to stay on top of it even faster than before.”

“Many engineering firms are impeded by legacy manual processes that can’t support the productivity and operational visibility needed to serve their clients,” said Bob Tuttle, Agile Frameworks CEO. “With MetaField, Construction Materials Testing now has the foundation to modernize operations, leveraging technology to empower the workforce, better serve clients, and support future growth.”

About Agile Frameworks
Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., Agile Frameworks provides the only industry solution that fully integrates corporate, field, and lab information management activities in one platform across multiple engineering and construction disciplines. Agile offers capital project owners, construction, and engineering consulting firms the industry’s most impactful tools and automated processes to maximize efficiency, growth and profitability.

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