As engineering firms gear up for peak project seasons, the effective training of seasonal field technicians becomes paramount to ensure smooth project execution and client satisfaction. However, providing consistent, comprehensive training to these temporary employees while maintaining productivity can be challenging and sometimes costly.

Streamlined onboarding and training processes are essential for efficiently integrating these temporary employees into the workforce, ensuring they quickly understand their roles, responsibilities, and the company's best practices. Many firms have realized leveraging technology to onboard seasonal workers has proven to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the right technology can help you effectively get your seasonal field technicians integrated into your projects, without hindering productivity.

Onboard seasonal field technicians faster:

Since seasonal workers usually have limited tenure, it’s crucial to expedite their integration into your project processes to maximize their contributions. Having a solution that self-teaches your employees on the system and processes eliminates the manual, administrative tasks associated with onboarding. This enables your employees to get familiar with the system and focusing on billable work faster.

Foster a culture of uniformity and accuracy:

To minimize errors and confusion among your team, all employees, whether permanent or temporary, must receive the same training. By investing in a solution that delivers consistent training, you can be confident company processes and best practices are instilled. Allowing seasonal workers to seamlessly merge into your projects and continue to deliver premium services to your clients.

Empower employees to self-serve:

It’s only natural for questions on a process to rise during a project, but unanswered questions can lead to data errors or project delays. Having a workflow solution that gives your team knowledge at their fingertips empowers your employees to self-serve and find the answer they need to complete their task. This enables your team to maintain accuracy on your projects, while still being on schedule.

Enable continuous learning and development:

As your company grows, you need your solution and workforce to grow with you to maintain productivity. However, updating your training materials to reflect new features and capabilities, and distributing it to new employees, is a daunting task. Utilizing a solution that provides updated training as new tools become available allows you to feel confident your seasonal field technicians are getting the proper training, they need to deliver results effectively and accurately.

Efficiently onboarding field technicians is essential for engineering services firms to meet the demands of peak seasons while maintaining productivity and client satisfaction. Leveraging software like MetaField will provide your firm with the first and only, in-app training center built for the engineering industry.

MetaField Training Center provides in-app assistance through how-to-guides, interactive callouts, and self-directed learning content; enabling your team of professionals to increase the speed and effectiveness of becoming competent in MetaField. Investing in the right technology can provide your firm with a competitive advantage of consistently training your seasonal workers and getting them engaged with projects, faster.

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