In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing, efficiency and precision are paramount. To thrive in such an environment, multi-disciplinary engineering services firms need to leverage every tool at their disposal. One such indispensable tool is a comprehensive forms and reports library where they can access pre-built templates for a wide variety of industry standards.

Let's explore why your firm needs a library for their field and lab work and how it can significantly enhance their operations.

Streamlining processes

Time is of the essence when a project begins as clients are demanding firms like yours to complete projects faster, without jeopardizing accuracy. Building forms from scratch for each project is time consuming and can cause project delays. Having a library of pre-made forms and reports streamlines the data collection process, allowing firms to kick off projects faster with the appropriate template in hand.

Our Global Forms Store, coming in 2025, will allow you to import any available form template straight to your Forms Library, and have instant access to any new template.

Ensuring consistency and accuracy

Consistency is crucial in engineering projects; even minor deviations can result in significant issues and cause clients to lose trust in your firm. Having access to an extensive collection of pre-built templates enables firms to establish standardized forms and reports for various processes, ensuring consistency among data collection, reporting, and documentation. This aids in reducing confusion among staff, allowing projects to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Our team of Forms and Report designers created over 600 forms for our customers last year alone, including custom forms for their unique use cases, ensuring they have consistency and accuracy across their organization.

Maintaining regulatory compliance

Complying with industry regulations isn’t only necessary to avoid costly fines or project delays, but to ensure the safety of workers and stability of the establishment being built. Thus, staying compliant begins at the very beginning of the project with the forms technicians use to collect data. A forms library ensures firms have access to the necessary documentation to meet these standards.

MetaField has almost 500 pre-built forms that can be used as templates that comply with industry standards including ASTM, AASHTO, a variety of state DOTs, and other industry governing organizations.

Meeting client expectations

Even though firms want to have consistency in their forms and reports to ensure accuracy, they need to be flexible to support unique use cases as every client has different expectations and requirements for the project being completed. Leveraging a forms library with customization functionalities enables firms to deliver information tailored to their clients' needs while maintaining standardization and compliance.

Across our entire customer base there are 29,000 individual forms in use, resulting in more than 20 million field or lab events completed in MetaField, ensuring they have the right tools to meet client expectations.

A comprehensive forms and reports library is not just a collection of documents, it is a strategic asset that can significantly enhance the efficiency, compliance, and overall performance of engineering services firms. With MetaField, you can access an extensive forms and reports library that gives your organization a competitive advantage by allowing you to streamline workflows while ensuring consistency and accuracy, all while meeting regulatory and client requirements.

With MetaField’s form library, your team can access a vast collection of pre-built templates that aids in accurate and consistent data collection. Select from over 500 forms, that comply with regulatory standards for ASTM, AASHTO, a variety of state DOTs, and other industry governing organizations, to be added to your organization’s instance of MetaField to ensure your field and lab technicians are using the same type of form for specific projects. Need something a little more tailored to your unique preferences and branding? Our team of design experts, who have over 30 years of experience in building industry-standard, compliant templates, can help you develop custom forms that you need to be successful. Or leverage MetaField’s form and report designer tool and create templates from scratch or customize any pre-existing form yourself. Options are endless with MetaField’s form library. You can be confident we have the form for you to accurately collect data while maintaining compliance.

Browse our form library and discover the forms we have readily available today.

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