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Release Note

Release Notes 2023.6

Release Highlights

  • Forms - New trendline types available in scatterplot charts
  • Forms - Calculation for Trendline Peak
  • LIMS - Users can progressively save work


User Roles

Bug Fix

Resolved an issue that caused user role changes to not take effect fully for several hours. Changes to roles should now propagate across the system within 60 seconds.


Bug Fix

Resolved an issue that prevented admin users from deleting Activity reports in the Activity Administration section of the Admin module.

Form Designer

Charting Enhancements

We have committed a number of enhancements within the forms designer, allowing users to impose new trendline capabilities on charts displaying data collected in the field. Most notable additions include:

  • Ability to impose Zero Air Voids curves on scatter plot charts
  • New Trendline Types including Exponential, Power, and Polynomial (extended orders of 5 and 6)
  • Expression for calculating a trendline peak (on both x- and y- axes)




We have made additional updates to the LIMS space, allowing data to be prepopulated in the Test Assignment Grid. We have included the ability to save data progressively throughout the data entry process for individual forms, ensuring progress is saved, although not all fields may yet be completed, even when validation of some data are required.


Bug Fix

Resolved an issue where report designs would not open when copied from other designs.

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