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Release Note

2024.10 Release Notes

Release Highlights

  • Redesigned Site Navigation is now available throughout MetaField in for the Home Page Dashboard Beta
  • Forms Library Users can now find a list of all available form templates that can be requested
  • MetaField Mark users can now apply certified signatures to a batch of 15 or more reports
  • ForneyVault integration now supports samples with 0 Specified Strength
  • Lab Test Data Entry will allow users to optionally include the weight of a cast cylinder specimen

Redesigned Site Navigation (Beta)


We're excited to announce that the updated left-hand navigation included with the ongoing Home Page Dashboard Beta has now been expanded to be available throughout the MetaField product! Users will now be able to navigate from any module to any other module using our newly modernized navigation design.

This change will automatically be rolled out to any user currently opted-in to Home Page Dashboard. It is planned to be rolled out to all MetaField users later this summer.

To aide in the transition, previously used names will remain for reference for a time.

  • Project Administration -> Projects
  • Scheduling -> Schedule
  • Quality Control -> Review (Quality Control)
  • LIMS -> Lab (LIMS)
  • Utilities -> Extracts (Utilities)
  • Delivery -> Deliver
  • Administration -> Admin
  • Bill *New


MetaField Forms Library - List of Templates now Available


When searching for a MetaField form in your new Forms Library, if no forms are returned, users will now see a link to our list of available form templates which can be made available by request to your Customer Success Manager. The text presented below is an example of how this will now display:

Clicking the link 'Browse our templated forms' will direct a user to the list of our available templates, which has been updated and organized by both standard body and testing material type.  Should you have interest in adding templates to your instance of the application please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


MetaField Mark

Update for Certified Signatures

Bug Fix

An issue has been resolved that was preventing certified signatures from being applied to a batch with 15 or more reports.




Customers using the ForneyVault integration will find that it now allows for samples with 0 Specified Strength to be returned from ForneyVault.


Users May Add Weight of Cylinders from Lab Work Queues


An optional field has been added to various work queues in the LIMS module where the weight of a cast cylinder specimen can now be recorded.

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