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Release Note

Release Notes 2024.09

Release Highlights

  • Update for tests in accordance with ASTM 6103, ensuring that spread measurements can be recorded to the nearest .25in
  • Optimizations for the specimen check in process for businesses with only one lab
  • Users can recover deleted forms from the Forms Library
  • Invoices can now be created in MetaField ensuring project data can be managed and billed with ease
  • Coming Soon: Updated Site Navigation allows users to more easily navigate between modules


Update to Concrete/Grout/Mortar Forms allowing Spread Measurement to the Nearest .25in


Per the update to the standard ASTM 6103, users will find that they can now record the spread measurement rounded to the nearest .25in, which previously was only accepting values rounded to one decimal place.

Specimen Check In


If a lab is defined to 'Allow Receiving Sampling Specimens at Check-In', we've made an update to ensure that for customers with only one lab, that the expected receiving process is followed, helping to streamline the specimen check-in process for these users.


MetaField Forms Library - Users can filter forms by status


While viewing the MetaField Forms and Reports Library, users can now apply filters to the table view to limit the display only those forms of a certain status. To do so, select the appropriate status from the filter in the search bar, and click 'Search'. These filters will work alongside the text entered by a user. For example, a user can search Status: Active, and 'AASHTO' to return a list of forms that are Active with the string 'AASHTO in either the form name, or group name.

MetaField Forms Library - Users can recover previously deleted forms


Users can now recover form designs that have been previously deleted. From the MetaField Forms and Reports library, a user may search for forms with a deleted status. Note that this search will only return results of forms that have been deleted from the Forms and Reports library. When doing so, a user will be presented with the option to Recover the form from the kebab menu. Confirm the updated form name, and Save to recover the form. The form status will be updated to 'draft'.

New Invoicing Capabilities

Invoicing is now available from MetaField


Reduce time to cash by billing your project work the same day that you deliver your reports. Track your project's real-time budgets and preemptively avoid overruns. Users can approve all billing transactions and effectively generate and send invoices at a project level through one system. For more information, contact your customer success representative or sign up for a demo.


Coming Soon

Redesigned Site Navigation Beta


The updated left-hand navigation included with the ongoing Home Page Dashboard Beta will soon be expanded to be available throughout the MetaField product. Users will be able to navigate from any module to any other module using our newly modernized navigation design.

This change will automatically be rolled out to any user currently opted-in to Home Page Dashboard in an upcoming release. Stay tuned!

To aide in the transition, previously used names will remain for reference for a time.

  • Project Administration -> Projects
  • Scheduling -> Schedule
  • Quality Control -> Review (Quality Control)
  • LIMS -> Lab (LIMS)
  • Utilities -> Extracts (Utilities)
  • Delivery -> Deliver
  • Administration -> Admin
  • Bill *New
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