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Release Note

Release Notes 2023.10

Release Highlights

  • Coming soon! New Option in Scheduling for easier communication of schedules across your organization
  • Customers may now limit the displayed list of providers to only those that are enabled for the project
  • Bug Fixes


New Schedule Export Options - Coming Soon!


With this release, we will begin rolling out some new schedule export options on the List view of the Scheduling module. These enhancements will allow schedulers an easy way to send a schedule via email to anyone within or outside of your organization.  Since the rollout will be gradual, not all users will see the changes immediately. In addition, to a Download option, users will be able to send work order schedules to recipients via email. The Send Combined... option sends the same export to all recipients. The Send Personalized... option only sends recipients an export of the work orders with which they're associated.

export options


If interested in gaining efficiencies through our existing Scheduling capabilities, click here to learn more.

Project Administration


In project administration, supplier lists can now be limited by project in the same way mix designs may be limited by project


When defining sample specifications, users now have the option to only see relevant suppliers for the project, rather than the list of all suppliers.

Forms Designer

Forms Designer

Bug Fix

Issue resolved where some form fields were always displaying in upper case.

Batch Data Entry

Bug Fix

In some cases where rich text fields were included in the form design, when completing these fields in batch users were reporting that the HTML tags were presented in the field. This issue has been resolved and the user will be presented the text as defined in the design.

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