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Release Note

Release Notes 2023.12

Release Highlights

  • To streamline data collection for field users, customers may now limit the displayed list of providers to only those that are enabled for the project
  • In cases where you need to retrieve specimens within a specific time window, specimen retrieval time can be shared with schedulers via notes
  • Bug Fixes

Project Administration

Limiting of Supplier Lists by Project


Supplier lists can now be limited by project within the project specifications area of MetaField. This setting allows field and lab users to more easily find what they need when completing concrete sampling forms in the application. Users will now see a column 'Enabled' in the Suppliers table, from where the necessary suppliers may be selected for view throughout the application. If no suppliers have been selected, users will see all suppliers in this list.

Form Designer

Sample Form Specimen Retrieval Time


Need to define a specific time to retrieve your concrete specimens based on when they were field sample.  Specimen retrieval times can  be defined  on forms that have the CGM Sample Specification setting. This is available in DIY Forms only. When this setting is applied, the time the original specimen was sampled will display in scheduling when creating a new work order form a pending field action.

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