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Release Note

Release Notes 2024.04

Release Highlights

This release includes various bug fixes for issues in LIMS, Forms Designer, and MetaField Mark.


Issue resolved for saving some form data in the LIMS module

Bug Fix

It was reported in some instances that work completed in the LIMS module was not able to be saved.

Form Designer

Resolved Issue for Set Numbers Not being Applied

Bug Fix

For some sample forms, we discovered that a set number was not being applied when you save it from draft without a sample type selected. This issue has been resolved and set numbers will be applied upon save in order to maintain accurate labeling of samples.

MetaField Mark


Users with multiple MetaField Mark Simple seals will now see that their default seal will be preselected in the work flow to make the work flow more efficient for most use cases.  Users can still change to a different seal as needed while signing the report.

Bug Fix

Users signing with MetaField Mark Certified in Activity Discrepancy Reports will now be directed back into Activity Discrepancy page after signing instead of being redirected to MetaField's Home Screen.

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