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Release Note

Release Notes 2024.05

Release Highlights

  • MetaField Mark - Simple Sign users will see updated settings related to justification of the signature image to the rest of the signature
  • Users with access to the new Project Manager Dashboard will see updates to the Search functionality, allowing for data displayed in the dashboard to be limited by various key elements, like Project or Office
  • Bug fixes for various items reported in Batch Reporting, and Equipment Calibration
  • Be on the lookout for updates related to the new MetaField Forms Library, which will allow users to manage all forms in use from a single interface!

MetaField Mark


An update has been made to MetaField Mark for Simple Sign users, digital signature settings have been updated ensuring that the signature image presents as justified with the rest of the signature block

New Project Manager Dashboard


Users with access to the project manager dashboard will see updates to the Search functionality, allowing for data displayed on the dashboard to be limited by things like Project or Office. This will be especially valuable to users looking to review project data by one or many of these filters. Using the Search bar, users may select one of the Filter options from where they will be presented with a list of the relevant items, allowing for the selection of one or many different filters to be applied.

Report Creation

Bug Fix

An issue has been resolved where some batch reports were not retaining dynamic place holders in the description


Bug Fix

An issue was resolved where some users would see an extensive user list, including Agile Port users, when defining an equipment calibration event from the LIMS module.  Users adding calibration information will now only see employee users in this list, ensuring the right user is assigned to the calibration event.

MetaField Forms Library

Coming Soon!


We are excited to share the upcoming launch of our new Forms Library, Set to go live in April. Once enabled, users with access to administrative modules in the MetaField application will see a new menu item in the Administration module, allowing users to access the Forms Library. The primary goal of the library is to allow users a single view into all form information. This module will allow insights to the forms by type, and will introduce new ways to manage forms, including an ability to create, duplicate, or otherwise manage forms. For more information ahead of launch, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative.

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