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Release Note

Release Notes 2024.07

Release Highlights

  • MetaField Forms Library now available for all Admin users to view and manage forms from a single, updated interface
  • Update to filtering in QC, allowing a single day to be searched

MetaField Forms Library

Administrators can now access forms of all types from a single view


We are excited to announce the release of the MetaField Forms Library. This new space can be found under Administration, and will allow users to manage all forms from a single view.  To access the library, navigate to Administration > Forms and Reports Library.


The primary goal of the library is to allow users a single view into all form information. This module will allow insights to the forms by type, and will introduce new ways to manage forms, including an ability to create, duplicate, or otherwise manage forms from a single page.

We've also introduced functionality to 'Favorite' forms.  Users will have the ability to define which are their favorite forms, ensuring that they remain at the top of the forms list.

forms library home

This is only the start for the MetaField Forms Library. Please look out for additional opportunities to collaborate with us on enhancements to forms design management and editing, or reach out to your Customer Success Representative to be included as part of our ongoing Customer Research efforts!

Quality Control - Date Filtering

Bug Fix

Access your results with more precise date filtering to find what you need more efficiently. Users can now specify the same date for Start and End dates in Quality Control and the results will be filtered down to a single day's worth of results. For example, Activity Start Date and Activity End Date can now be set to the same date and that day's results will be shown.

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