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Release Note

2024.08 Release Notes

Release Highlights

  • Access Premium Content in MetaField Training Center today
  • Updates to MetaField Mark ensures the signature placement will appear after the MetaField report content
  • In the Field module, users will see the 'Manage Density Retests' button for failed density tests requiring a retest
  • Customers using charts will see an update to the Y-Axis settings ensuring the appropriate scale can be set for visualization of data
  • Printed Receiving Lists from the lab will now only include samples that have been marked as collected

MetaField Training Center

How To Access Premium Content

To assist with the onboarding and adoption of your seasonal workers, all customers will have free access to Premium Content in MetaField Training Center for the rest of 2024.


Turn on Premium Training Center content today by following these steps in MetaField:

  1. Direct your MetaField Admin to the "Administration" tab.
  2. Navigate to "Users" under "Security."
  3. Open the user record you wish to edit.
  4. Toggle "Training Center" to "Yes" at the bottom of the pop-up.
  5. Save the record.
  6. Repeat this process for additional users.

Once your users have access to the new Premium Content in MetaField Training Center, they will see training data that can be used as they walk through the exercises. When you deactivate the user's access to Premium Content, this data is then deleted.

MetaField Mark

Update for Signature placement on Reports with File Uploads

Bug Fix

An update has been made ensuring that any digital signature is placed immediately after the native MetaField report content and before any uploaded supplemental files.  This change prevents the signature from appearing after any files appended to the report deliverable.



Manage Density Retests for Failed Density Tests

Bug Fix

In some cases, users were not seeing the 'Manage Density Retests' button available in the field module where a failed density test required retesting be performed. This issue has been resolved and users will now see this option available for those tests requiring retest.

Scatter Plot Chart Axis Settings Update

Bug Fix

In some instances, users reviewing collected test data on scatter plot charts were experiencing a display issue where Y-Axis scale settings were not accepted as they were defined. This has been updated, and users will be able to define the scale setting for the Y-Axis, ensuring that the maximum value on the axis can be defined higher than the maximum value of the data being displayed.


Printed Receiving Lists Include only Collected Samples

Bug Fix

An update has been made to ensure that the printed receiving list from the Lab  > Concrete, Grout, and Mortar queues only displays samples that have been collected, removing any inconsistency with the display of this data from the application. Users will no longer find Uncollected samples in this list.

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