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Optimize your building science services with MetaField

We are dedicated to helping you extend the life and value of your building assets. We understand your need to avoid costly mistakes. Our software platform will support your efforts in construction testing and special inspections, geotechnical, structural and forensic, and restoration services to positively impact a building’s performance.


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MetaField is a game changer for optimizing building sciences.

We support a broad range of building sciences services, including building envelope observations, field services, forensic investigations, fire stopping special inspections, roof and waterproof consulting, windows/curtain walls, footings/foundations and more for component failures, air and water penetration, and structural analysis. Our mobile-friendly capability allows for easy collection, access, and management of all on-site inspection data.

MetaField® is a cloud-based software solution that supports architects and engineers responsible for minimizing potential distress or failures related to the building enclosure, structural integrity, HVAC systems, and overall environmental quality and sustainability. We help your team of professionals ensure the building envelope is the best it can be by increasing the speed, improving the accuracy, and enabling consistent delivery of testing, inspections and consulting services related to building materials, design, installation, structures, and operations.

The MetaField forms not only prompt a field technician on what to look for during the course of the inspection for a specific component, but they further streamline the report review and delivery for consistency across multiple offices and geographies.
Jack Rasmussen
Operations Manager, Braun Intertec’s Building and Structure Sciences Group

There is a lot to gain from MetaField

Get always-on and anywhere access to your projects and data by using MetaField, our flagship cloud-based software. Built and designed by engineers using the latest cloud technology, it is a turn-key, self-maintained solution that does not require hardware/software to download, install, and maintain as you scale and grow. Benefit from the latest technology and software upgrades without having to incur the costs and headache from large maintenance upgrade projects. MetaField offers technology resiliency with a fail-safe modern infrastructure and dual-data warehouse support. With MetaField, subscribe to digital experiences that unlock business value.

Frequently Asked Questions

MetaField is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Our professional customer success team oversees system maintenance and updates, and we continually work with our customers to ensure the full benefits of your construction materials testing solution is realized. Every MetaField customer is assigned a customer success consultant to ensure the system is adopted and used by project team members to maximize system configuration.

MetaField provides lab technicians, managers, and project engineers with an overview of the entire project so they can easily track and monitor field samples. Whether it’s readings from nuclear density gauges and sensors, or physical samples such as concrete, soil, or asphalt, MetaField ensures samples are accounted for and that key information is accessible to project stakeholders.

Yes, leverage the benefits of mobile technology by using MetaField’s mobile-optimized platform, making it easy to connect project teams and clients. Mobile data collection automatically synchronizes across your operations and labs to deliver results anytime, anywhere. Use any mobile device to upload data onsite in real time, making it instantly accessible to everyone who needs it, including readings, calibration of field test equipment, and photos. The mobile platform provides fast, accurate reporting so everyone instantly gets the information they need.

Applying technology to your construction materials testing will save time, avoid redundant data entry, and prevent re-work. MetaField not only introduces a digital form creation and reporting solution, but it also offers a built-in process workflow. MetaField provides full chain of custody transparency, from scheduling lab tests and assigning tasks, to conducting field tests and reviewing status of lab samples, analysis, and reporting for construction materials testing. With MetaField, enter data one time, in the field or lab, and collect all the information you need to get accurate results fast.