Workflows for field and lab operations are generally supported by disparate, and field-unfriendly corporate systems that often require field staff to use of manual forms or spreadsheets to capture and document work performed. This is on top of all the daily reporting and administrative burden imposed on billable resources. The lack of an efficient project management process and standardized forms causes serious deficiencies in the ability to communicate necessary information in a timely manner to all roles performing daily tasks across projects, often relying on email, phone calls, or text messages.

But even before data is captured in the field, project setup is the beginning step of the entire process, which is crucial to the success of that project. Setting up a project within an existing ERP system (and integrating with several systems) takes a huge effort. After the fact, aggregation-based ERP systems cannot fulfil the promise of real-time visibility, profit-impacting decision making or a streamlined workflow. It is equivalent to driving a car by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Without a consistent project set up and standardization of forms and reports, the possibility of error and duplication rises. Other team members involved in later phases must spend their time correcting the initial setup to complete their portion of the project. Test results are often incomplete, causing re-work that must be communicated back to project managers from the field professional.

Key Questions:

  • Do you have a heavy reliance on email communications with internal and external stakeholders?
  • Do you often have missing contact information?
  • How are project specifications shared with your lab or field staff?

Consider how past project successes inform your project work. By introducing Agile Frameworks and operating principals into project setup— requiring only the minimal amount of information needed to start the work—you gain the flexibility to build out your project as more information becomes available.

MetaField® Project Management Experience Benefits:

  • Create a standardized experience with cross-functional views of your entire project workflow for greater collaboration, communication, and efficiency;
  • Predict and impact project profitability with real-time visibility, active decision making and interactions to reduce risk and deliver on-time, accurate reporting, and
  • Achieve fast, connected digital project workflows with the latest advancements from Agile Frameworks for project management operational excellence.

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