New Year's is a natural point to reflect on what we've accomplished over the previous twelve months. We're relentlessly focused on running a cloud-based technology platform you can put your trust in. The software platform you run your business on must be reliable, performant, and available when you need it. These things don't happen by accident – they’re the result of hard work, dedication, and continuous investment. We've made major strides in upgrading our technological foundations to ensure MetaField and all our Apps by Agile cloud SaaS solutions remain the most reliable platforms on which to run your CMT business.

We like to say in IT, if we do things right, you won't notice we've made a change. We have focused our resources on substantial platform improvements to improve our entire production infrastructure that runs our software applications. We partnered with Microsoft Azure® to leverage their world-class infrastructure and diverse geographical footprint to deliver these noteworthy benefits:

  • A new cloud-based infrastructure that allows for platform scalability with flexibility to meet peak demand during the warmer months when seasonality system use spikes to benefit fast load times.
  • We've enhanced our already high-availability and fault tolerant setup by leveraging Azure's redundancy and tooling to ensure our platform is always available to support your mission critical operations.
  • We've expanded not only our support and sales, but also our infrastructure within Canada. We know that data residency law compliance is a critical item for our Canadian customers, especially when doing business under any government contract. We've launched a fully Canadian instance of our platform with full data residency within Canadian borders to meet the data governance requirements.
  • We take the security of our platform and your data very seriously at Agile Frameworks. We continuously leverage the security features built into the Azure platform and other security tools and process best practices.
  • The MetaField platform (and all our Apps by Agile solutions available and in development) is now carbon neutral in both the USA and Canada. One of the reasons we selected Azure is their commitment to sustainability. In addition to being carbon neutral today, they are pledged to be on 100% renewable energy by 2025, water positive by 2030, zero-waste by 2030, and net-zero deforestation from new construction. You can read more about Azure's sustainability practices here.

In addition to major upgrades to our entire technology infrastructure last year, we made several MetaField product enhancements, as well as developing new product experiences to release in 2023. Highlights include:

  • Expanded our self-service customizable forms library to more than 420+ pre-built DIY configurable forms and reports across international and local/state standards of material testing.
  • Enhanced the scheduling integration with work breakdown structure (WBS) items for field activities.
  • Added bulk data entry for field inspection and observation data, as well as for lab users across samples from not only specimens within a set, but multiple samples from a project. Bulk data entry enables streamlined data entry to ultimately get reports issued to clients faster.
  • Included dynamic grid rendering for faster review of field activities and lab results.
  • Developed MetaField Metric System and French-Canadian language support.
  • Implemented ForneyVault integration improvements.

With the foundation we've built in 2022, we’re ready to help you scale your operation to take on more projects and help your team thrive. It's going to be a great year!

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