Field services firms typically implement change initiatives outside of the peak time of year. Traditionally, non-peak months to adopt new systems and processes include November through March with a ramp up of work starting in April. However, post-pandemic labor shortages and substantial capital investments can mean limited available hours during the seasonal period, making it much more difficult for firms to prioritize change.

Flexibility is Critical

At Agile Frameworks, we understand our customers’ needs for continued productivity and innovative improvement. We take a systemic and tailored approach to implement based on our clients’ schedule and capacity. All variables and considerations are reviewed during planning sessions where mutually agreed upon milestones determine what success looks like.

We also understand how milestones and objectives can evolve. For example, a client may start implementing basic functionality and high frequency tests and then add capabilities and custom forms and reports across additional locations or disciplines. 

The Power of Partnership

Our implementation team conducts in-person or virtual meetings to kick off training for key staff, effectively following the ‘training the trainers” methodology. We provide:

  • Regular and consistent engagement throughout the schedule to ensure all staff is expertly trained and that forms and reports are built according to plan. 
  • A comprehensive onboarding process for new staff additions, including access to DIY training and video recordings of all implementation sessions.
  • Partnership every step of the way through the cloud – meaning, no hardware or software infrastructure to download, install, or maintain.

A key differentiator of Agile Frameworks is we work to understand our clients’ business needs, create custom implementations, and continue our partnership through long-term customer success. In this way, MetaField® becomes integral to achieve operational excellence.

Download our 5-step Change Readiness Guide to help make the transition to a digital workflow solution simple and seamless with the right process and technology tools to execute a game changing transformation for your firm.

Steve Tubbs, Director of Customer Success, Agile Frameworks

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